Consultation & Summary ($250)

Step 1 - Consultation

We'll start with an initial two hour confidential conversation to understand where you currently are and what challenges you face:

  • Nutrition (meals / snacks / challenges around nutrition)
  • Exercise, movement, work and home environments
  • Sleep (quantity, quality, and environment)
  • Sources of stress, stress management
  • Medications and supplements
  • Brief relevant medical history, current issues, relationships with providers
  • Your definition of health and wellness, your goals and measuring progress
  • Your expectations of a coaching relationship 

Step 2 - Summary

I will send you a summary of what I learned from our initial conversation, which we will review in a follow-up conversation:

  • Your major health and wellness issues and opportunities
  • Your goals
  • High-level initial approach
  • Why this process will work
  • How I can help you
  • Hourly fee proposal for my Personal Health Coaching services

Your initial Personal Wellness Plan will flow from this written summary and our subsequent conversation.



Step 3 - Personal Wellness Plan

I will present a 12-15 week Personal Wellness Plan tailored to your specific needs.

Step 4 - Execute

As you begin to execute your Personal Wellness Plan, we will have weekly phone or Skype calls to discuss your progress. Each week, we will review how the previous week went, what worked and what didn't, and what the plans are for the following week. We'll also cover a major topic in some depth that flow from your challenges and goals, such as macronutrient balance, eating and exercising on the road, sleep hygiene, measuring progress, etc. We'll make adjustments to your Personal Wellness Plan as necessary.

I will emphasize goals for the next week and point you to learning resources to read, watch, or listen to.

If you get stalled in the process, we will talk about the issue and readjust as necessary.

Step 5 - Completion

When you've completed your Personal Wellness Plan, we’ll review how it went, measure your achievement, and define long-term health maintenance goals and routines.